S Ganesh

S Ganesh

Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208 016
Email: sganesh@iitk.ac.in, ganpil@gmail.com

S Ganesh, IIT, Kanpur, elected to Fellowship in 2016. A pioneer in the study of Lafora disease (LD), his group at IIT-Kanpur has established that LD proteins play critical roles in protein quality control which redefined a very old concept that LD is a metabolic disorder. Recently his group has been looking at the commonalities in the pathogenic mechanisms of various neurodegenerative disorders and on the role of long non-coding RNAs in the pathophysiology.

Session 2D - Inaugural Lecture

Role of non-coding RNAs in cellular stress response

The heat shock response (HSR) is a conserved cellular defence mechanism that ensures cell survival during a thermal stress. One of the unique features of human cells is the expression of the satellite-III family (Sat3) long non-coding RNAs during the HSR. The Sat3 transcripts accumulate at the site of their transcription upon expression and recruit transcription factors to form a RNA–protein complex, called the nuclear stress bodies (nSBs), with unknown function. We find that Sat3 transcripts are required for the full protection from heat-shock-induced cell death, and that the loss of these transcripts leads to a partial relief of heat-shock-induced transcriptional repression. In this talk these findings will be contrasted with other such regulatory RNAs known in the literature, and their role in generic stress response pathways will be discussed.

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