Programme Schedule

4 November 2016 (Friday)

0900 - 0930
(Venue: Lecture Hall Complex)
0930 - 1000
Inauguration and introduction of Fellows
Session 1A - Presidential Address

1000 - 1045
Ram Ramaswamy
JNU, New Delhi
Chimeras: A spontaneous emergence of dynamical disorder
1045 - 1130
Book release
A Life in Science – Author: Prof. C N R Rao,
Published by Penguin Random House India
1135 - 1200
Group Photograph & Tea break
Session 1B - Inaugural Lectures of Fellows/Associates
Chairperson: Subrata Ghosh, IACS, Kolkata

1200 - 1220
Arun Chattopadhyay
Decorating the surface of a quantum dot with molecules
1225 - 1245
Sanjib K Agarwalla,
IOP, Bhubaneswar
Neutrino oscillation parameters: Present status and future roadmap
1250 - 1400
Lunch Break
Session 1C - Inaugural Lectures of Fellows
(Venue: Auditorium – Visitors’ Hostel)
Chairperson: Probir Roy, Kolkata

1400 - 1420
Javed N Agrewala
IMTECH, Chandigarh
Caerulomycin A suppresses arthritis symptoms by expanding regulatory T cells
1425 - 1445
A Raghuram
From calculus to number theory
1450 - 1530
Tea break
Session 1D - Walter Kohn Memorial Symposium
(Venue: Visitors’ Hostel)
Chairperson: H R Krishnamurthy, IISc, Bengaluru

T V Ramakrishnan
BHU, Varanasi
Walter Kohn and the rise of condensed matter physics
Swapan K Ghosh
BARC, Mumbai
Density functional theory for materials modeling at different length scales: A legacy of Walter Kohn
Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
SN Bose Natl. Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
Beyond the conventional DFT: Life with “U”
Umesh V Waghmare
JNCASR, Bengaluru
Electrons in a crystal: Localized versus extended orbitals
1730 - 1800
Tea Break
Session 1E - Public lecture
(Venue: L5 — Lecture Hall Complex)
Chairperson: Ram Ramaswamy, JNU, New Delhi

1800 - 1900
Rajendra Singh
Tarun Bharat Sangh, Alwar (Rajasthan)
Indigenous knowledge system of water management in India

5 November 2016 (Saturday)

Session 2A - Special Lecture
(Venue: Auditorium – Visitors’ Hostel)
Chairperson: Subhash Chaturvedi, IISER Bhopal

0900 - 0940
Sunil Mukhi
Academic ethics in India: What we must do
Session 2B - Inaugural Lectures of Fellows/Associates
Chairperson: S Thangavelu, IISc, Bengaluru

0940 - 1000
Pradyut Ghosh
IACS, Kolkata
Recognition, sensing, separation of anions
1005 - 1025
Ankur A Kulkarni
Towards a convex-analytic view of impossibility results in stochastic control and information theory
1030 - 1050
Tea break
Session 2C - Symposium “Our Second Genome”
Chairperson: Partha P Majumder, NIBMG, Kolkata

Partha P Majumder
NIBMG, Kolkata
An overview of our second genome
Sharmila S Mande
TCS, Pune
Gut microbiome and human health
Vineet K Sharma
IISER, Bhopal
Novel insights into the human microbiome
Souvik Mukherjee
NIBMG, Kolkata
The microbiome in skin health and disease
Shekhar C Mande
NCCS, Pune
The Indian human microbiome initiative
1300 - 1400
Lunch break
Session 2D - Inaugural Lectures of Fellows/Associates
Chairperson: P N Pandita, IISc, Bengaluru

1400 - 1420
G C Anupama
IIA, Bengaluru
Time domain astronomy – Explosive transients
1425 - 1445
S Ganesh
Role of non-coding RNAs in cellular stress response
1450 - 1510
K N Balaji
IISc, Bengaluru
Mycobacteria scapegoat host epigenetic factors and non-coding RNAs to sneak through host immune responses
1515 - 1535
Anshu Pandey
IISc, Bengaluru
Chemistry with bigger atoms
1540 - 1600
Tea break
(Venue: L3 – Lecture Hall Complex)
1600 - 1730
Business Meeting of Fellows
1730 - 1800
Tea break
Session 2E - Public Lecture
Chairperson: Ram Ramaswamy, JNU, New Delhi

1800 - 1900
Ravi Korisettar
Dr VS Wakankar Archaeological Research Institute, Dharwad
Importance of the Vindhya basin in the prehistory of the Indian subcontinent
1900 - 2000
Cultural Programme
A Qawwali Night by Emerald The Band
(Venue: L5– Lecture Hall Complex)

6 November 2016 (Sunday)

Session 3A - Inaugural Lectures of Fellows/Associates
(Venue: Auditorium – Visitors’ Hostel)
Chairperson: S S Sane, IIT-Bombay

0900 - 0920
Krishna P Kaliappan
Domino strategy to synthesis of natural products and heterocycles
0925 - 0945
Appa Rao Podile
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Transglycosylation by bacterial chitinases
0950 - 1010
N Ravishankar
IISc, Bengaluru
Intriguing structure and transport behaviour of ultrathin single crystalline gold nanowires
B Anand
IIT, Guwahati
Homing mechanism of the CRISPR-Cas adaptive immune system
1040 - 1100
Tea break
Session 3B - Inaugural Lectures of Fellows/Associates
Chairperson: S V Bhat, IISc, Bengaluru

1100 - 1120
Tirthankar Bhattacharyya
IISc, Bengaluru
What do analytic functions look like?
1125 - 1145
Pratap Raychaudhuri
TIFR, Mumbai
Low temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy
1150 - 1210
G R Tripathy
Re-Os geochronology: Clues for past marine and atmospheric conditions
Session 3C - Special Lecture
Chairperson: S Chandrasekaran, IISc, Bengaluru

1215 - 1300
Amitabh Joshi
JNCASR, Bengaluru
Experimental ecology and evolution in the laboratory
1300 - 1400

Allied Events

3 November 2016 (Thursday)

09.00 AM
The Academy Trust (TAcT) Programme
Venue: Visitors’ Hostel – Auditorium
10.00 AM
Academy Publications Committee Meeting
EES Conference Room, 1st Floor, Academy Building II
02.30 PM
Editorial Board Meeting – Pramana
EES Conference Room, 1st Floor, Academy Building II
04.00 PM - 05.30 PM
Meeting with Teachers
Visitors’ Hostel: Auditorium
06.00 PM
Press conference
L2, Lecture Hall Complex
07.00 PM
Talk by Prof. CNR Rao
L5, Lecture Hall Complex

5 November 2016 (Saturday)

04.00 PM - 05.30 PM
Business Meeting of Fellows
 L3, Lecture Hall Complex

For Spouses

4 November 2016 (Friday)

2.00 PM
Visit to Sanchi Stupas
(Bus will start from Visitors' Hostel at 2:00 PM)

5 November 2016 (Saturday)

9.30 AM
Visit to Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya and Upper Lake
(Bus will start from Visitors' Hostel at 9:30 AM)

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